Tognar Rectangular Brass/Nylon Combo Brush

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APG 715

Product Overview

This brush is divided into half brass - half stiff nylon. If you want one brush to handle most all your needs, this is the one to get. The brass bristles clean out the base structure prior to waxing, the nylon bristles remove wax after scraping. Best used with narrower skis, like Nordic (cross-country). Alpine skis are a bit wide these days for this brush, better to get a seperate brass and nylon, though this brush makes an excellent travel brush for wider skis.
  • All our brushes have hardwood handles and quality bristles, designed to last many seasons.
  • Bristles are 12mm long on all brushes.
  • All brush handles measure 3" x 4 5/8" (75mm x 120mm).




(No reviews yet) Write a Review