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Dominator Bullet Cold Waxes

Dominator Bullet Cold Waxes can be added to any ski or snowboard wax to increase hardness and durability in aggressive snow conditions. Icy and manmade snow tends to quickly strip wax from the base, especially along the edges, melting a bit of Bullet in with your wax of the day will greatly reduce this effect and help your wax last longer. A little goes a long way.

  • Dominator Sport Bullet Wax -100g

    Dominator Sport Bullet Cold Range Wax

    Dominator hydrocarbon wax for cold, aggressive snow.  Add to any glide wax to increase hardness and improve durability. Greatly extends the cold-end of Dominator Zoom and other universal waxes. Bullet wax works best at snow temperatures of 14F...

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  • Dominator Race Bullet New Snow (100g)

    Race Bullet is a fluorinated additive wax for use on cold, aggressive snow. The New Snow formula is intended for frigid new snow (natural or manmade) or cold snow up to 3-days old. Bullet wax works best at snow temperatures of 14°F (-10°C)and...

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