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Edge Repair


    Edge Screws 10/Bag

    These tiny philips head screws are used to attach replacement steel edge sections to damaged skis or snowboards (in addition to epoxying them in place).  They"re sold in bags of 10.

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  • SOLID EDGE SECTION 12" (screws not included).

    12 inch Solid Edge Section - Each

    For all you mad ski and snowboard surgeons out there who need to replace broken or bent steel edges, we offer these 12-inch (305mm) sections of solid steel edges. Sold each.  Screws not included. Use in conjunction with our Edge Screws SPK-ES10...

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  • Adjustable C-Clamp 1.5"

    Adjustable C-Clamp 1.5"

    These small C-clamps are just the right size for clamping up a delaminated ski or snowboard. We also find them to be a pretty good size for clamping most base inlays along the edge. The clamp opens to 1.5" (50mm) and have a deep 1.5" (50mm)...

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  • Dexter Oyster Knife 4" Model 22

    This is truly the bee's knees of oyster knives. Especially useful for almost any sort of edge or base repair, epoxy mixing, prying, etc. A beautiful tool, and absolutely a must for any discerning ski tech. Works pretty well for shuckin' oysters...

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