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Sidewall Planers

  • Included with Ergo Sidewall Planer

    Ergo Sidewall Planer

    ERGO SIDEWALL PLANER Heftier, with a more ergonomicly-shaped body than the FK model. Includes a round cutting blade. An Optional square carbide cutting blade is also available.  The tool allows for easy height and depth cutting...

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  • Includes Panzar File

    Beast Sidewall Planer for Ski Tuning

    Use this simple tool to quickly remove just enough material from sidewalls prior to filing. It is similar to a side edge file guide in construction, but the angle is a whopping 7- degrees. Includes a replaceable (40mm x 25mm) panzar file that...

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    FK SKS Sidewall Planer

    FK Sidewall Planer

    FK SIDEWALL PLANER Smaller, lighter and more basic model than the ERGO. Includes a rotatable combination square/round edge carbide steel cutting blade (2 corners are round and 2 are square). Easy depth and height adjustments, using a flathead...

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  • Swix Sidewall Cutter Racing (TA103)

    This clever sidewall cutter uses roller bearings to travel smoothly along the edge of the ski or snowboard. It includes two titanium blades, a round one and a square one, to better match individual sidewall profiles. The blades are adjustable on the...

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  • Swix Sidewall Cutter Sport (TA101N)

    A simple and effective tool for cutting back the sidewall of a ski or snowboard allowing the file unhindered access to the steel edge. The tool includes a round titanium blade, the blade can be adjusted on the vertical as well as horizontal plane,...

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  • Swix TA0104 World Cup Sidewall Cutter

    Swix World Cup Sidewall Cutter

    This finely crafted tool is made primarily of machined aluminum for a lifetime's accuracy and durability. The height and depth of the cutting blade are easily adjustable so you only remove the material you need to. A sealed bearing roller leads...

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  • Square Blade for Ergo Sidewall Planer

    This is an optional Square Blade for the Ergo Sidewall Planer. Square blades work well on skis with traditional sidewall construction (90° angles). For skis with cap construction consider using the round blade that is included...

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  • Replacement Panzar for Beast Sidewall Planer

    Replacement panzer file for the Beast Sidewall Planer. 70mm x 25mm Why Remove Sidewall Material? The files used to tune skis are generally high quality and do a fantastic job at cleanly cutting the hard steel edges found on modern skis and...

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  • Round Blade for Ergo Sidewall Planer

    This is a replacement round blade for the Ergo Sidewall Planer tool. Round blades work well on skis with cap construction (angled sidewalls). The round blade is generally the most versatile. For traditional sidewalls (90° angles) consider...

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