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Ski Vises

  • Toko World Cup Ski Vise

    The Toko World Cup vise is far and away our most popular vise. Solid metal construction, bomber central clamp and durable pads ensure a long working life. Long rubber pads on the central clamp increase surface area to really get a grip on slippery...

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  • Faux Boot Sole

    Profi Ski Vise (Alpine, Dynafit, NNN, SNS)

    Cap skis, slippery sidewalls, super fat skis, this vise can handle them all. The key feature, and what makes it different from others on the market, is the clever, fully adjustable, "boot dummy" that snaps into the ski binding and is used to secure...

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  • SALE

    Toko Freeride Ski Vise

    New for 2012/13! Robust 3-piece all-metal ski vise, built to last. Central clamp opens from 45mm to 155mm. 70mm long clamp pads. It clamps to workbenches up to 2.25” thick. Simple, but effective tip and tail supports are a fixed height...

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  • Base-up position.

    Toko Ski Vise Race

    A compact, all-metal vise for travel or home use. Powder coated aluminum construction ensures you'll be using this vise for a long time. The central jaw of this vise will clamp skis up to 90mm (approx.) under foot, if you've got skis wider (and we bet...

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  • Boot Dummy

    Boot Dummy

    Spare boot dummy for the Profi Ski Vise. Snaps directly into your alpine ski bindings. Though it is designed for use with the Profi Ski Vise, it works well with center clamp vises too! Have a pair of skis too wide for your current vise? Get one of...

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  • Swix T0149-90N

    Swix Power Pro Ski Vise 155mm (T0149-90N)

    This is a bomber three-piece metal ski vise capable of accepting skis from 50mm up to a whopping 155mm underfoot! The central clamp has a pair of tacky-rubber pads to securely grip the slipperiest of sidewalls. Spring-loaded tip and tail...

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  • Swix World Cup Ski Vise T0149-50

    Swix World Cup Ski Vise (T0149-50)

    By far our most popular ski vise. Solid cast aluminum construction, bomber central clamp and durable pads ensure a long working life, seriously these things are hard to kill. The tip and tail supports are adjustable in height, to custom fit the vise to...

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