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Base Edge File Guides

Base edge File guides are essential for accurate and repeatable results when sharpening or shaping edges. They ensure that the file or stone remain at the exact angle throughout the tuning process. Don't leave your tune to chance, invest in a quality guide!

  • Base Beast Bevel Guide .5 Degree Base Beast Bevel Guide 2 Degree

    Beast Base Bevel Guides .

    The economical Beast guides feature a composite body with a stainless steel bridge, and are ideal for most home tuners. These precise base bevel guides are used in conjunction with your favorite steel files, diamond stones or ceramic stones. They...

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    Pro Sharp Base Bevel Guide Printed Instructions

    Pro Sharp Base Bevel Guide

    A durable aluminum base bevel guide that is adjustable from .5 Degrees to 1.5 Degrees in .25 Degrees increments.  Fits files, stones or diamonds up to 6mm (1/4) thick and 10 " long. The tool positions the files or stones at the optimum angle for...

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  • Final Cut Guide not included!

    Replacement Feet for SVST Final Cut Guides

    While your SVST Final Cut guide may last a lifetime, the little Delrin feet, which spend all their time sliding along sharp steel edges, will not. Fortunately they are easily replaceable! A 2mm hex key is required. Sold each    

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  • Toko Multi Base Angle Guide

    This Toko base bevel guide features tool-free angle adjustment and a built-in clamp to securely hold files or stones in position for precision work. The tool is a good choice for families with multiple skiers or boarders requiring various base bevels, or...

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  • SVST Final Cut Block SVST Final Cut Block (file and guide not included).

    Sun Valley Ski Tools Final Cut Block

    This nicely finished hardwood block is designed to fit perfectly in SVST Final Cut Guides. The block allows you to keep consistent downward pressure on your file. EVA foam pad on bottom of the block to protect the file and prevent it from moving...

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