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Ski Tuning, Maintenance and Repair How-To


Wax room Safety Guide

We continually seek ski tuning, ski waxing and ski repair information from many diverse and enlightened sources...including world cup technicians, ski wax makers, p-tex brewers, equipment manufacturers, readers, racers, coaches and other wise and ripping souls. We share 'em with you here in the spirit of encouraging an open and ongoing dialog about tuning, repairing and the "black art" of waxing.

So don't be shy...feel free to email us with your ideas and wisdom!
Getting Started on ski tuning Base Flattening
Basic Tuning and Waxing Base Structure
Recommended Tools Edge Beveling
Ski Vises Edge Polishing
Ski & Snowboard Waxing Boot Fitting
Ski & Snowboard Repairs World Cup Tuning Tips
Base Repairs Micellaneous Tips & Tricks
Ski & Snowboard Bindings Tuning with Willi Wiltz
Choosing an Edge Bevel Tool Why Wax?
Choosing a waxing iron How to Hot Wax
Choosing Waxing Brushes Toko Wax line explored