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  • 3M 6200DD Respirator for Organic Vapors Replacement Pair Of Cartridges 3M 6001

    3M Respirator With Filters

    Protect your lungs from hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon wax smoke, wax remover fumes, repair material smoke, etc.  This respirator uses two filters to screen out organic vapors. Use in a...

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    3M 961 Twist-Lok Pad Holder

    This tool works very well with Scotchbrite or Omni-Prep pads. It ensures even pressure across the full width of the pad which equals more effective polishing. Hundreds of tiny plastic hooks on the...

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  • 3M Microfibre Polishing Cloth

    This super-soft, lint-free microfiber cloth helps remove unwanted ultra-fine P-tex hairs from the base after structuring by machine or hand tool. Make several passes against the hairs until the...

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