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Ski Boot Fitting

Wide selection of Heel lifts Heel wedges Tongue pads, full-length pads, Insole shims, Insoles or footbeds, narrowing pads, C-pads, L-pads, modified heel wraps, foam sheets to custom fit ski and snowboard boots.

  • Ski Boot Insole Shims

    Ski Boot Insole Shims (pr)

    Ski or snowboard boots too big? These insole shims are the simplest way to take up extra volume. Simply insert the shim between the boot shell and liner (not inside the liner) and the extra volume will disappear. If unsure size up, you can easily trim...

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  • 1/8' BOOT FOAM- APPROX. 10'x10'

    Ski and Snowboard Boot Fitting Foam 10" x 10"

    Sometimes pre-cut boot fitting pads don't do exactly what you need. We offer this 1/8" thick self-adhesive foam in a large sheet that you can cut with scissors to any desired shape. Firm material. Material can be sanded to blend transition if...

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  • Heel Lifts Diagram of Heel Lift Placement

    Ski and Snowboard Boot Fitting Heel Lifts (pr)

    Heel lifts have many uses, and are very simple to install. They are intended to sit between the boot shell and the liner (smooth side down). Sold as a pair. Increase forward lean by increasing your boot ramp angle. Help stop heel lift by lifting the...

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  • Ski Boot Foam L-Pads Ski Boot Foam L-Pad Diagram

    Boot Fitting Foam L-Pads (2 pr)

    Use L-pads to fill the void between the Achilles tendon and ankle bone.  They can create better security and heel hold-down.  They are self-adhesive and can be sanded or trimmed to fit as necessary.  Attach them to the outside of the...

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  • Eliminatior Front and back views

    The Eliminator Custom Tongue Shims

    The Eliminator is a semi-soft foam pad with a smooth inner face that's designed to fit snugly behind your existing boot tongue. The Autoadapt foam material custom-molds to your shin over time. They can help cure a myriad of ills, including shin...

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  • Ski Boot Heel Wedges Heel Wedge (Installation)

    Ski Boot Fitting Heel Wedges (pr)

    Although good footbeds are usually the best solution, you can slip wedges under your existing insoles to correct for a foot that rolls to the inside (pronation) or outside (supination). Correcting pronation will make the foot seem shorter and...

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  • Ski Boot Foam Fitting C Pads Ski Boot Foam Fitting C Pad Diagram

    Boot Fitting Foam C-Pads (2prs)

    C-pads snug up the fit around your ankle bone.  It's good for heel and ankle retention if the hindfoot is loose in a boot. Creates a "pocket" for the ankle bone, reducing pressure against the shell.  These pads are self-adhesive and are...

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  • Foam Instep Pads for Ski Boots

    Boot Fitting Foam Instep Pads 1/8" (pr)

    Use these self-adhesive foam pads to relieve pressure over the instep and to help hold the heel in the heel pocket. This oval shaped pad is split half way along its length allowing the pad to straddle the instep.  Backed by pressure sensitive...

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  • Ski Boot Fitting Foam Narrowing Pads Ski Boot Fitting Foam Narrowing Pad Installation

    Boot Fitting Foam Narrowing Pads (pr)

    Do you have narrow feet? If so, these pads might be just the ticket. They're designed to narrow the boot in the forefoot area for a more secure fit. Designed to go on the anterior (outside) of your foot. They can be sanded and trimmed as...

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  • Booster Strap Intermediate Booster Strap Intermediate Strap Color

    Intermediate Booster Strap for Ski Boots

    STANDARD- Two semi-elastic bands with for slightly softer flex. Best for intermediate skiers weighing less than 140lbs. These industrial strength, semi-elastic boot-top straps give skiers significantly better foot-to-boot response.  When you...

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    DownUnders Footbeds

    These unique footbeds are designed to self-mold to your foot shape, the longer you wear them, the better they fit! We offer the blue version that is designed for edging sports (like skiing & boarding). Varying density foam under the forefoot...

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    Urethane Green Pack - 3.5G

    This small 2-part bubble pack of urethane glue is ideal for repairs where the greatest flexibility and impact absorption is required (like delaminated tips and tails).  It can also be used for polyurethane ski and snowboard boot shell...

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  • Ski and Snowboard Boot Horn Boot Horn Front

    Ski and Snowboard Boot Horn

    This slick (literally) device makes putting on ski or snowboard boots a breeze. Simply slip the Horn inside your boot liner, right along the back and slide your foot in, the smooth Duraslip material helps your heel to freely slide down into the boot...

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  • Buckletite Boot Buckle Lever Using the Buckletite Boot Buckle Lever

    Tognar Buckletite Boot Buckle Lever

    This bomber tool makes easy work out of clamping down stubborn boot buckles. Oversized buckle-slots fit any buckle out there. Fits right in your pocket and doubles as a boot carrier! Made of Prolon a super tough fiberglass-impregnated nylon,...

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  • Felt Tongue Pads Felt Tongue Pad Dimensions

    Boot Fitting Felt Tongue Pads (pr)

    No, don't use these puppies to check for sore tonsils...instead, stick 'em to the inside of boot tongues to add a bit of cushion to bone irregularities.  Used primarily for smaller problem areas on the shin. They're felt-covered for comfortable...

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    Urethane Purple Pack- 3.5G

    This is an extremely flexible material that is an excellent choice for ski boot and liner repairs, and shoe soles too!  Work Time - 5 to 8 min.  Cure time is 45min.  Purple Packaging.  3.5 gram double bubble pack.

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  • Boot Fitting Foam Ankle Wrap Pads 1/8" (pr)

    Boot Fitting Foam Ankle Wrap Pads 1/8" (pr)

    Use these self-adhesive foam rubber pads to create more secure heel and ankle pockets. If you are experiencing heel-lift and have pressure on your ankle bones, these are a good pad to try. Firm 1/8" thick foam rubber resists compression. Backed with...

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  • Booster Strap Expert Racer Booster Strap Expert Racer Strap Color

    Expert/Racer Booster Straps for Ski Boots

    RACER/EXPERT- Three semi-elastic bands. Best for expert or aggressive skiers weighing more than 140lbs. These industrial strength, semi-elastic boot-top straps give skiers significantly better foot-to-boot response.  When you cinch 'em snug, the...

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  • Actual color varies Ski Boot Shell Spreader

    Ski Boot Shell Spreader

    This powerful tool spreads even the stiffest ski boot shells wide open so you can easily remove or install boots liners, insole shims or boot fit aids. It also improves access when replacing buckles, grinding material or stretching the shell . It's...

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  • Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

    Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

    The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl is one of those hand tools that warms the heart. It is so handy, once you have one you wonder how you got by without it. Essentially it is the hand-held equivalent of an industrial sewing machine, the ergonomic shape, heavy...

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