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Base Flattening & Structure

Structuring helps a ski or snowboard glide more efficiently by breaking up suction that forms due to water between your base and the snow. It also makes a board or ski easier to turn for greater control

  • Fine Abrasive Pad

    Fibertex Scotchbrite Pads - Fine & Medium

    These 6" x 9" abrasive pads are handy for a variety of uses, although they're most popular for scrubbing unwanted p-tex "hairs" off of bases after they've been freshly flattened or structured.  We also use them to clean off the warm tips of base...

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  • Bahco Steel Scraper

    Bahco Steel Scraper .

    High quality Bahco steel scraper made of Swedish steel. Bahco scrapers have tremendous longevity and retain an excellent burr. Widely used in traditional woodworking to impart a smooth finish on cabinets and tables, they work equally well for...

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  • Steel Scraper Burnisher Drawing out the Burr
(Scraper not included)

    SB-1 Steel Scraper Burnisher

    A steel scraper cuts most effectively if you impart a sharp and uniform cutting lip (micro-burr) along the edge. This burnisher tool does that job better and more safely than any other we've used. It features a protective wooden grip with an...

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  • Microhair Shaver Microhair Shaver

    P-Tex Microhair Shaver Hand Tool

    No, this ain't for shaving beards or 5 o'clock's a tool for scraping any ski or snowboard base after they've been stoneground or hand-structured. The sharp blades help remove unwanted p-tex micro-hairs for faster base glide. To...

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  • Swix Steel Scraper (T0080) .

    Steel scrapers are used in traditional woodworking to impart a smooth finish on cabinets and tables, they work equally well for smoothing out P-Tex on skis and snowboards. Use these steel scrapers to remove excess P-Tex repair material, excess P-Tex...

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  • Blacklight True Bar 6" (150mm) .

    An easy to use and durable true bar for determining base flatness and base edge bevel. Round shape ensures a drop to the floor won't render it useless. Matte black finish makes sighting easier.  6" (150mm) long 1/2" (12.5mm) diameter

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  • True Beast True Bar

    True Beast Knife Edge True Bar 6" (150mm) .

    A variation on the traditional square true bar. While the edge is knife shaped, it is not too sharp and so is quite resistant to dropping damage, we tested it...a few times. Easy and quick for your eye to detect any light appearing between it and...

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    Base & Edge Eye Loupe 5X

    5x ground-glass eye loupe. Inspect and evaluate the condition of base material and edges. Analyze base structure definition, the finish of steel edge surfaces, the presence of unwanted p-tex hairs or oxidation. Study snow crystals. Yields valuable...

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  • Bottom

    3M 961 Twist-Lok Pad Holder

    This tool works very well with Scotchbrite or Omni-Prep pads. It ensures even pressure across the full width of the pad which equals more effective polishing. Hundreds of tiny plastic hooks on the base of the tool grip the pad with an unmatched ferocity...

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  • 3M Microfibre Polishing Cloth

    This super-soft, lint-free microfiber cloth helps remove unwanted ultra-fine P-tex hairs from the base after structuring by machine or hand tool. Make several passes against the hairs until the cloth slides freely down the base when it's tilted at a...

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  • Toko Structurite Nordic Kit

    Toko Structurite Nordic Kit

    This clever tool is used to imprint a structure into Nordic ski bases. A structured base helps the ski glide more efficiently across the snow surface. Three rollers are included with the kit covering the gamut of potential snow conditions and...

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  • Swix T0423S1 Structure Kit with Three Rollers. Swix Nordic Structure Roller Tool Kit (T0423S1)

    Swix Nordic Structure Roller Tool Kit (T0423S1)

    This nifty composite tool rolls a structure into the base of Nordic skis. Rollers allow for more stucture pattern options than a rilling tool. The beautiful brass rollers run on cartridge bearings for a smoother glide along the ski base. The kit...

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  • Swix T48P Nordic Structure Tool Swix T48P Nordic Structure Tool Kit (T048P)

    Swix T48P Nordic Structure Tool Kit (T048P)

    This top-notch Nordic structure tool is as lovely to look at as it is to use. Crafted entirely out of aluminum and steel it falls in the heritage tool category, you'll have this puppy for a long time! The kit includes the tool body and four rollers...

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