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Side Edge File Guides

Side edge file guides are essential for accurate and repeatable results when sharpening or shaping edges. They ensure that the file or stone remain at the exact angle throughout the tuning process. Don't leave your tune to chance, invest in a quality guide!

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    Side of Beast Side Angle Guide

    The tool ships with the degree bevel plate listed already installed. Additional bevel plates are available seperately. They do not stack on top of each other.To change the degree of angle you must remove the installed plate (easy, no tools needed)...

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    Side of Beast Angle Plates

    Did you know you can purchase additional angle plates for your Side of BEAST side edge bevel tool! They're relatively inexpensive and easy to switch out. Choice of 1°, 2°, 3° or 4° plates. All plates are plastic with the...

    $9.95 - $19.95
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  • Pony 3201 Spring Clamp 1"

    Pony 3201 Spring Clamp 1"

    The legendary Pony 3201 spring clamp! A staple in any discerning ski tech's box. Use them to solidly clamp files or stones to side edge guides.  Strong spring clamp. Coated tips and handles for file/stone protection and comfort. Perfect size...

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  • Toko Edge Tuner Pro

    Toko Edge Tuner Pro

    The Toko Edge Tuner Pro is an accurate and easy to use side-edge tuning tool. It has 5° of angle adjustability and built in roller bearing wheels to help protect your bases from scratches and improve glide. The tool includes an 80mm Icecut mill file...

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  • SVST Pro Edge Beveler Adaptors (side file guide not included, adaptors are sold as each)

    Sun Valley Ski Tools Pro Edge Bevel Adaptors

    For use with any Sun Valley Ski Tools side bevel guide. When added to a side bevel guide the angle increases (i.e., add a one-degree adaptor to a one-degree guide and you have two-degrees). Beautifully machined anodized aluminum. Extremely accurate...

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  • Fk Side Bevel Gauge

    Use this clever tool to determine the side edge angle of a ski or snowboard. Measures side angles from 90° to 86° in one-degree increments. Accurate and easy to use. How to use this tool: The tool should be back-lit by a strong light...

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  • SVST Stainless Side Bevel Guide

    SVST Pro-Edge Side Bevel Guides - Stainless

    Milled from solid stainless steel for unmatched accuracy and durability. These file guides guarantee precise side edge beveling.  Guides feature a recess on top of the tool to catch steel filings so they don’t grind into bases. Optional...

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    Wintersteiger Pro Sharp File Guide

    This is a nice, user friendly side edge tuning tool.  Adjustable from 90° to 85° (0° to 5°) in five-degree increments. Use a coin to change angles. Includes 80mm Ice Cut mill file. Built in clamp accepts stones or files up to...

    Was: $39.95
    Now: $24.95
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  • Swix Racing Side Edge File Guide

    Swix Racing Side Edge File Guide

    Milled from a solid piece of hardened aluminum these file guides are accurate, durable and timeless. The smooth finish and thoughtful rounded profile feel nice in the hand. A cutout in the top of the tool encourages metal shavings to drop away from the...

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  • Swix Phantom R Side Edge File Guide

    The Swix Phantom R adjustable file is a versatile and easy to use side bevel guide. Angles can be set from 90° to 85° which covers any recommended side angle out there. A built in clamping mechanism ensures files and stones stay put while...

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  • Swix World Cup Side Edge File Guide

    Swix World Cup Side Edge File Guide

    The main body of this tool is milled from a solid piece of hardened aluminum, a stainless steel glide plate is attached for increased durability. There is a fully adjustable, integrated clamp to secure files or stones. The smooth finish and thoughtful...

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