Intermediate Booster Strap for Ski Boots

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Product Overview

  • STANDARD- Two semi-elastic bands with for slightly softer flex. Best for intermediate skiers weighing less than 140lbs.
  • These industrial strength, semi-elastic boot-top straps give skiers significantly better foot-to-boot response. 
  • When you cinch 'em snug, the tongues becomes virtually glued to your shins whether you find yourself centered, forward or in the back seat.
  • They providing constant foot-to-ski response, reduce shin-bang and improve fit.
  • Booster straps are sold by the pair and can be permanently attached to the back of your boot shell with a pop-rivet or similar.
  • All models have metal buckles.
  • Silver Buckle
  • Sold as pair.

The BOOSTER STRAP should be routed outside the rear spoiler and inside the plastic shell up against the liner tongue in front. The elastic is then stretched about an inch.

If on your very first turn you don’t notice a dramatic difference in ski response, the BOOSTER STRAP is too loose or installed incorrectly. On the other hand if, after a few turns it feels like something is pushing you backwards the BOOSTER is too tight. Keep in mind that as in any sport your skill level improves with experience so your BOOSTER setting may vary with time. Adjust to your skill level.

Note: On boots with a high shell in front, the elastic portion will be behind the shell in front.

It is recommended the stock boot strap be removed as it is no longer necessary or desirable.


(7 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Booster strap

    Posted by Roberto on Mar 17, 2019

    Absolutely great! I replaced the standard strap with Booster elastic strap and discovered a new skiing sensation! The feeling of direct and immediate control of your skis is unique. Strongly recommended!

  • 5
    perfect contact tongue and leg

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 02, 2014

    very good. i use only this.

  • 5

    Posted by luciano testa on Feb 27, 2014


  • 5
    Good Decision

    Posted by skiing senior on Dec 16, 2013

    I removed the original strap and used the standard booster without any rivets. I've used it twice. I immediately had faster lean over control on turns. I also found I now have the option of loosening buckles for comfort.

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    I love mods

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 08, 2013

    As described, the "expert/racer" model has the argyle strap - awesome. Installed on Dalbello Kryptons. I trimmed the boot shell where the top buckle is so that the booster strap sits directly on the flex tongue. Works great. Riveted on in the back (not as easy as it sounds). Overall, gives me a bit more control and a bit more comfort. I'd give 4.5 stars if I could, just because Booster Straps aren't exactly as magical as some folks claim, but if you spend some time figuring out how to use them properly (depending on what works for you and your boot), they will almost certainly help. Boots are so rigid and uncomfortable - these straps can make be just what the doctor ordered to take the edge off. The whole key is a bit more control and a bit more comfort - that can make all the difference! Booster straps are cool and I <3 TOGNAR

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    You'll never go back

    Posted by Dave on Jan 16, 2013

    I have been using Booster Straps for almost 10 years now, and will never go back. The beauty of the Booster Strap is that you can ski with your boots much looser than with stock straps, if you choose. If all I'm doing is cruising groomers, I rarely buckle any of my buckles. Not only does this keep your feet more comfy, but you develop a much better sense of balance on your skis, as you are no longer relying on the shell for support. After watching my girlfriend go through the same preventative measures as I used to - putting a band-aid on each shin before each ski day - I bought her a pair for Christmas. We just got back from a quick 4-day trip, and there were no band-aids, and no shin-bang either. The key to all of this is something I didn't do when I first got mine - they need to go between the tongue and the shell. NOT over top the shell. Do that, and they are worth every penny.

  • 5
    Outstanding performance

    Posted by Brian on Oct 21, 2012

    Far superior to stock fast straps the elastic rebound of the cuff makes a good boot a great boot