Ski Boot Shell Spreader

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SHP 165085

Product Overview

This powerful tool spreads even the stiffest ski boot shells wide open so you can easily remove or install boots liners, insole shims or boot fit aids. It also improves access when replacing buckles, grinding material or stretching the shell . It's an indispensable part of any serious boot fitters workshop tool arsenal, plus it's portable so you can pack it along for boot repairs or adjustments when on the road.

Though some folks do use the tool to help them get the boots on their foot, it is not the intended use, and may not work for that purpose depending on boot design etc. You may be better off using a device like the Ski Boot Horn, it's very effective and a heck of a lot less expensive!

How to Use:

  • Place the hook on one side of the shell and the slotted tip on the other, squeeze the handle to advance the rod and open the shell. Be careful, the tool is very strong, spread the shell just enough to gain the access you need.
  • To release, press in the small bent lever on the rear of the device, this will allow you to pull the rod back through the tool.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review