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Edge Repair

  • Ski Edge Repair Screws

    These tiny Philips head screws are used to attach replacement steel edge sections to damaged skis or snowboards.  Use a Phillips Head #1 driver to install. They're sold in bags of 20.

    3.62 EUR
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  • Replacement ski edge

    12 inch Solid Edge Section - Each

    For all you mad ski and snowboard surgeons out there who need to replace broken or bent steel edges, we offer these 12-inch (305mm) sections of solid steel edges.  Sold each.  Screws not included Approx. 12 inches (305mm) long Use in...

    9.12 EUR
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  • Adjustable C-Clamp 1.5"

    These small C-clamps are just the right size for clamping up a delaminated ski or snowboard. We also find them to be a pretty good size for clamping most base inlays along the edge. The clamp opens to 1.5" (50mm) and have a deep 1.5" (50mm)...

    5.45 EUR
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