Tognar Rectangular Brass Brush .

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APG 712

Product Overview

  • Use a brass brush first, to remove debris, old wax, oxidation, etc. from base structure prior to waxing.
  • Brass brushes can also be used after scraping to remove very cold waxes (green/blue) from the base structure.
  • They also help raise loose P-tex hairs so they can be cut away with Scotch-Brite pad or a steel scraper
  • Do not use for fluorocarbon overlays (powders and blocks)because it can scour them away.
  • In fresh cold snow this brush can expose irregularities in the structure that catch sharp new snow crystals and create drag, so follow it's use with a horsehair brush, or Scotch-Brite Pad
  • Removing excess wax from the structure of a ski or snowboard base after scraping is essential for optimum glide.
  • Hand brushes are the way folks have been doing it since the olden days.
  • All our brushes have hardwood handles and quality bristles, designed to last many seasons.
  • Bristles are 12mm long on all brushes.
  • All brush handles measure 3" x 4 5/8" (75mm x 120mm).



(No reviews yet) Write a Review