Skimender RP360 Base Repair Pistol (230 Volt) AU/NZ

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Product Overview

This is the Australian version of the ever popular RP360. 230 volts with an Australian three-prong plug. Tuners down under have requested this tool for years, we have finally managed to stock it!

The RP360 is an excellent shop-quality repair gun capable of producing extremely high quality results. Light pressure on the tip lays down a thin layer of p-tex that quickly fills gouges and is a breeze to remove. It will fill large gouges with ease and does a great job on lighter damage as well. The gun creates an exceptional bond due to a special tip that contains its own heating element, separate from the element within the body. We highly recommend  the RP360 if you can swing the cost!

  • Its advantages are speed, convenience and superior repair strength. 
  • The RP360 uses 11mm P-Tex sticks creating repairs superior to those of drip-repair candles, both in durability and longevity.
  • The pistol comes to a working temperature of 530°F in approximately 5 min.
  • The reach-adjustable trigger is very light so it takes very little pressure to extrude an adequate amount of material.
  • Includes a magnetic bench stand that holds the pistol upright while not in use, if you don't have a metal bench top, no problem, a metal plate is included.
  • Nice long power cord.
  • 230 volts with Australian power plug
  • 375 watts
  • Please note, all RP360 Repair Guns are fully tested prior to leaving the factory, they will have P-Tex residue on the tip when unboxed.


  • RP360 repair gun.
  • Magnetic stand.
  • Metal plate (for those without a metal bench top).
  • 3 sticks black P-tex.
  • 3 sticks clear P-tex.
User Tips for RP360
  • It is recommended that the user works away from themselves, using the arrow on the front of the tip to guide the tool along the repair.
  • The front of the head (where the arrow is) should remain approximately 1-2mm above the base, the rear should float lightly on the extruded material.
  • This helps to spread the base material to the adjacent base.
  • Most gouges are filled in just one pass.
  • It is important to keep the head moving at all times, a stationary head can damage the base.
  • Allow the repair to cool, then use a surform followed by a steel scraper to reduce and smooth the repair.
  • Be sure to work with a sharp metal scraper, use a scraper burnisher, you will not regret it!
  • Be sure to work in a well ventilated space and/or use a respirator when P-Texing.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review