Plastic Ski Binding Hole Inserts

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SPK 530416

Product Overview

Stripped binding holes happen, when you encounter one deal with it ASAP.  If the hole is not too enlarged you can cut up some steel wool and mix it into a batch of epoxy, insert the mix into the hole and reinstall the screw. This is a pretty bomber fix for hole that isn't too far gone. For tougher cases its best to use an insert. These plastic inserts are a relatively easy fix for a stripped binding screw hole, they're less expensive than a helicoil kit and don't require any special tools to install. Sold each.

A word of caution: these inserts should be used on one hole, maybe two on Nordic skis, per binding. They aren't intended as an alternative to the Binding Freedom System. The pull out resistance of these inserts is rated at 240Kp, so they're strong, but not strong enough to secure a binding on their own.

  • Used in 8mm holes.
  • Internal threads match those of an alpine binding screw.
  • Pull out resistance is 240Kp.
  • These inserts are sold individually.
  • 8mm drill bit not included.


  1. You'll need an 8mm (5/16") drill bit and a hammer.
  2. Use the 8mm bit to enlarge the damaged hole. Be sure to mark the depth (about 9mm is good) on the drill bit to avoid drilling through the ski, or better yet pick up an adjustable depth bit).
  3. Tap the insert in and reinstall the screw. If the insert sits a bit above the base after installation simply file it off or use a razor blade to cut it flush.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review