Binding Hole Insert Screw-In (Brass)

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SPK 530407

Product Overview

These special brass inserts are intended to repair badly damaged screw holes. They are designed to be screwed into an 8mm hole. The aggressive threads on the outside of the insert bite into the ski core and create a bomber repair. The internal threads match those of an alpine ski screw, so you can just reuse your binding screw if you haven't lost it! We like to carry a couple of these on longer ski tours and hut trips just in case.

A word of caution: these inserts should be used on one hole, maybe two per binding. They aren't intended as an alternative to the Binding Freedom System. Also, read installation tips below!

  • Used in 8mm diameter holes.
  • Length of insert is 9mm.
  • Internal threads match those of an alpine binding screw.
  • Inserts are sold individually.
  • 8mm drill bit not included.


  1. You'll need an 8mm (5/16") drill bit.
  2. Use the 8mm bit to enlarge the damaged hole. Be sure to mark the depth (about 8mm is good) on the drill bit to avoid drilling through the ski, or better yet pick up an adjustable depth bit).
  3. Screw the insert into the hole using a binding screw and a thin washer (simply back it out when the insert is installed). Though the insert has a slot for a flathead screwdriver, we find a binding screw far more reliable for installation. It is critical to use a thin washer between the inset and the binding screw head, if you don't you'll risk splitting the top of the insert.
  4. We recommend buying an extra insert and installing it in a piece of 2x4 for practice, totally worth the extra buck!
  5. If the insert stands above the top sheet simply file it down.


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    the helicoil fragmented when attempting to screw into the 5/16" hole and i had to drill it out

    Posted by rick s petrell on Feb 05, 2018

    the helicoil fragmented when attempting to screw into the 5/16" hole and i had to drill it out

  • 4
    Neat Stuff

    Posted by garth preuthun on May 29, 2017

    Holds screws well. Best to use a binding screw to install insert as the tangs for a screwdriver can break.