Swix Handy Scraper

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SWX T0035

Product Overview

This little tool is the Swiss Army knife of the scraper world! One side sports a metal scraper, the other a sharp plastic scraper. If you look closely you'll see the plastic scraper side has one rounded corner and one angled corner for removing wax from grooves. While originally intended to remove or spread klister and hard nordic kick-waxes, a task it performs very well, we find it way more versatile! Use the plastic side to remove wax, ice, pine sap, etc. from your bases or ice from your windshield, or from your topsheet, or boot soles...the uses for the plastic scraper are endless. The steel side is equally useful, use it for removing ice from climbing skins, stray P-Tex from rock damage (or after using a drip candle). There is even a handy hole for hanging it on a tool board.

  • An excellent tool to have in your pack for backcountry skiing, or in the shop.
  • We think it is a bit small to replace full-sized plastic or metal scrapers, but its daily usefullness more than makes up for its diminutive size.
  • Measures 2 7/8" wide x 2 1/4" tall (73mm x 60mm).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review