Toko T18 Digital Race Wax Iron (230V)

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Product Overview

This is a 230 volt version of the T18 wax iron for use in countries  operating on a 230 volt system (Australia, New Zealand, Chile, etc.) 

  • Toko's newest professional level ski and snowboard waxing iron.
  • Temperature is regulated by an onboard microprocessor which verifies the set temperature ten-times per second!
  • Heats up quickly to deliver a working temperature range of 90°C to 180°C (194°F to 356°F). 
  • A digital readout to continually displays the current operating temperature. 
  • The 15mm thick aluminum base is ramped toward the rear to simplify powder application.   
  • The power cord is 8' long and is connected to the side of the iron which helps keep it out of the way.
  • Includes a Toko Wax Iron Cozy.
  • If you live in Australia or New Zealand use this plug adapter.
  • The aluminum base plate measures 4” x 5.75” (98x148mm). 
  • It's rated at 230 volts and 850 watts. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review