Tognar Ski Hot Wax Kit - 230V (AU, NZ, EU)

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Product Overview

 This wax kit includes a 230 volt wax iron intended for use outside US and Canada, if you live in the US or Canada please see our 120 volt model.

This kit contains the basic tools required to keep your skis waxed in the comfort of your own home...well, the comfort of your garage/porch anyway, please don't wax in your house. We believe in the importance of waxing, and would love to see everybody waxing at least once in awhile, to encourage waxing the kit is offered at a pretty good discount.

  • The kit includes a iron designed for use with a 230 volt current - Australia, New Zealand, etc. For 120 volt kits go here.
  • The iron cord has a 2-pin EU plug, you may need to purchase a plug adaptor depending on where you live.
  • Always hot wax in a well ventilated area.
The kit includes:
  • Toko T8 Waxing Iron (230 volt)
  • 120 grams of Toko Universal Wax (enough for about 6 applications)
  • A six-inch Plexi Scraper
  • Rectangular white nylon brush
  • Rectangular brass brush
  • Rectangular horsehair brush
Why Wax?
  • Waxing increases the glide of your skiis or board, this is the first thing that comes to mind and scares some folks off, but with that increase in glide comes an increase in control. A waxed base tends to glide more predictably than a non-waxed base, turns are initiated and released with less resistance, and you use less energy throughout the day. 
  • Waxing protects bases from the harsh abrasion encountered while sliding across the snow, especially in icy or man-made conditions.
  • Waxing prevents bases from drying out in between ski trips.
Waxing Basics:
  1. Brush base from tip to tail with the brass brush to remove any base oxidation, old wax or debris.
  2. Set your iron to the proper temperature (recommended melt temps are usually printed on the packaging).
  3. Hold the iron vertically and touch the bar of wax to the hot base, drip wax along the length of the base.
  4. Move the iron along the base melting and spreading the dripped-on wax (be sure there is wax between the base and the iron).
  5. Allow the wax to cool for about 30-minutes.
  6. Scrape cooled wax off the base, as much as you can (the important wax is deep in the pores of the base).
  7. Brush base from tip to tail with the white nylon brush removing any residual wax.
  8. Go skiing!



(1 review) Write a Review

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    Base waxing kit

    Posted by anton clothier on Nov 21, 2016

    If you are still persisting with an old clothes iron, do yourself a favor and ditch it for a Toko unit. The t8 is simple and solid. Really happy with mine! The extras in the kit are good quality and value. The crew at Tognar are great to deal with, great advise and service. Thanks