Swix Plexi Ski Wax Scraper - 4mm

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SWX T824

Product Overview

High quality plexi wax scraper for removing excess wax prior to brushing. A 4mm thick scraper is perfect for scraping nordic touring skis or Skimo race skis.

  • Precision cut, all four edges are planed smooth, square and straight to efficiently scrape excess wax from ski bases.
  • They are sharp, durable and can be resharpened with any of our scraper sharpeners.
  • We recommend using plexi scrapers rather than steel scrapers to remove wax, steel scrapers can take off more than just wax!
  • Swix logo.
  • Handy hole for hanging.
  • The ski scraper measures 5" x 2 3/16" and is 4mm thick.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review