Skimender P-Tex Drip Repair Candles (Clear) 5pk

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SHP 187071
Maximum Purchase:
500 units

Product Overview

Skimender drip repair candles are perfect for temporary repairs of ski or snowboard base gouges at home or on the road. The material is softer than the material used in a repair pistol like the RP360 so overtime it will "cup out" as the snow abrades it...that being said, the repairs are pretty bomber and you can't beat the cost and ease. Simply light one end of these sticks with a lighter, then drip..rather than iron...the molten p-tex into gouges.

  • WARNING!!! They burn extra-hot (in excess of 970°F)...yikes!
  • Please use them carefully because dripping p-tex is hot enough to severely burn skin.
  • Hold a steel scraper under candle when not actually dripping molten p-tex into gouges.
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Length: 200mm
  • Sold in a bundle of 5 sticks.

How to Use P-Tex Drip Candles

  1. Light stick on fire, allow the flame to get strong.
  2. Hold the stick like you would a pencil.
  3. Hold at a 45° angle about 1" above the gouge (you want a blue flame, not yellow, adjust height to achieve this).
  4. Drip molten P-Tex into gouge working toward yourself, as if you are drawing a line.
  5. When the gouge is filled allow it to cool (20 minutes is good).
  6. Scrape with a sharp metal scraper and you're done!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review