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Ski Visions Ski Base Flattener & Structure Tool

  • MEDIUM 6" STRUCTURE STONE (included)
1.25 LBS

Product Description

The ski version works with alpine or telemark skis, and comes with a 6" hardened steel cutting bar, a 6" medium structure ruby stone and a brass cleaning brush. An optional 6" coarse structure stone is available.

  • This precision hand-planing tool uses a hardened steel bar to cleanly shave off high or low spots on p-tex bases, remove existing oxidized p-tex areas, as well as shave off unwanted p-tex hairs and microhairs. 
  • Replace the steel bar with a structure stone to cut a linear structure into the base, dispersing water and improving glide.
  • The tool includes a medium structure stone, optional coarse structure stone is available.
  • Although the steel bar is hard enough to cut down steel edges if they're too high, we recommend you use a mill file (or better yet, the Ski Visions File Base Flattener) to do that job and save your steel bar from unnecessary wear. 
  • A few quick passes with this tool after every week or so on the slopes will freshen up your structure, keep the base flat, and improve its ability to absorb wax. 
  • These periodic touch-ups significantly improve performance without removing excess base material. 
  • Replacement and optional blades are available.
  • For comprehensive information on using this tool, click here.
  • Structure stones can be redressed.
  • Steel planing blade cane be re-honed using the optional Blade Sharpening Stone.
  • Tools and stones made in the USA.





Product Videos

SkiVisions Flattening bases with our Base Flattener Part 1 (06:12)
Mark Sewell shows you how to flatten and structure ski bases with the SkiVisions Base Flattener
  • SkiVisions ...
    Mark Sewell shows you how to flatten and structure ski bases w...
  • SkiVisions F...
    Mark Sewell shows you how to flatten and structure ski bases w...

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Product Reviews

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  1. Spendy but worth it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2015

    Being primarily a backcountry skier I never worried too much about having perfectly flat bases but I have often had to do substantial base repairs and recognized the usefulness of a tool like this to get everything smooth and level afterward. I finally just bucked up and spent the money and all I can say is I'm impressed. Very nice high-quality tool that's easy to use and effective. If you repair bases much this is a very nice tool to have on your bench.

  2. My skis are finally sharp and tuned 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2015

    After 50 years of skiing (mostly powder) I have had to learn how to tune my own skis. Luckily, I found ski vision products. The you tube videos by inventor/engineer Mark Sewall are straight forward and thorough. I had been using his ski visions edge sharpener with some success, but now that I have used the base flattener, my skis are sharp enough to penetrate the hard, hard snow of this globally warmed winter.

  3. Wish I had discovered this tool years ago! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2015

    A must-have if you're serious about doing your own ski tuning... but can't afford a ski grinding machine. ;^)

    I've used this on several pairs of skis & it worked great in getting the bases where I needed them. For some extremely concave or convex skis, it was more efficient for me to do preliminary hand filing and sanding to get things fairly close before employing this tool. In either case, then end result was excellent, with a good base structure texture.

  4. This tool is The Bomb! GET ONE!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2013

    I just bought my SECOND Base Flattener. The 1st is still perfect (even after 20 years), but now I can have 1 set up with the Steel Bar and the other setup with a stone! This is WAY overkill for most- but I have setup 15 new pairs of skis (so far) this fall, and it makes my work SO much easier.

  5. great tool 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2013

    Stumbled on this item when searching for an iron and wax. Watched the youtube videos and decided to buy the ski visions set of tools, iron, wax etc. Couldn't believe how rough my base structure (especially underfoot) was until I tool the flattener to them - the difference was like night and day. Glad I bought this little beauty. Set up was dead easy - ran the medium stone first and then the steel blade - just followed the videos for reference. I scrubbed the bases clean with a brass brush and then gave them a hot wax scrape. They came up like new. Now I'm waiting for the snow to start falling and take these freshly tuned bad boys out and show my mates up. AC. Victoria, Australia

  6. If you repair your bases get this tool. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2013

    Two bad snow years made me think a lot about base repair. I saw this tool on Tognar.com and read the reviews. I am so glad I bought this tool. It is simple, easy to use and my bases are like new every time I go skiing!

  7. Great Beast for leveling the bases 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Mar 2013

    I tune all my own equipment and occasionally other instructors. I have always used a straight edge to inspect for flatness and hand flattened as needed. What a chore! Then decided to get the Ski Visions Base Flattening Tool with both the Steel and Ceramic inserts. PROS - This tool is easy to use and very effective. Really flattens those unseen bumps - using light, multiple passes with the steel insert and then the ceramic. Leaves a nice structure that holds wax better. I often use a Rill Tool to construct further structure for wax retention and improved flat turn navigation. CONS - If the ski is railed (concave base) the steel edge takes a beating. But the insert is wide enough to slide (across) the tool to provide sharp cutting surface. Also the set screws could be improved from the allen wrench design to afford a Open/Shut process to hold the insert. The current process takes great care to change out inserts and avoid getting cut or dropping the inserts. Overall this is a great tool and I wish I'd have purchased it many years ago.

  8. Works well 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    Nice to be able to flatten and structure the bases at home and save the $35 or whatever. Very informative videos on the tool available. Works fine and is well made. Glad I bought it.

  9. It's not complicated 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2013

    The best way to structure is as shown in the videos, medium stone then steel blade finish, adjusting to a fine structure if desired. You can make a stone more fine, but you cannot make it more coarse. If someone wants to make a stone more fine, just dress the grit side of the stone! You can make it quite fine.

  10. tognar structure tool 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2013

    Good for major base repair, I would like to have a stone that had a fine structure. I tune skis for kids racing youth ski league races and don't like the medium structure with colder snow conditions.

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