Toko Racing Wax Remover (500ml) FLAMMABLE MUST SHIP UPS GROUND

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TOK 6501
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Product Overview

  • Special cleaner for fluoro waxes deep within bases. 
  • Fluoro waxes are resistant to solving with standard citric or petroleum-based cleaners and tend to stay in the base. 
  • Removal of old fluoro components in a base allows for better absorbtion of subsequent wax layers.
  • Apply cleaner with a lint-free cloth, brush with a white nylon brush while wet, wipe clean and allow to dry for 5-30min. 
  • Finally brush with a steel brush and begin re-waxing with base prep wax.
  • This stuff really works!
  • 500ml
  • Please note: This item can only be shipped to customers in the lower 48 U.S.A via Fedex ground- not to Alaska, Hawaii or other countries


(No reviews yet) Write a Review