Tognar Big Dude Wax Scraper - 9"

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APG 502

Product Overview

We love skiing wider skis here at Tognar but we aren't all that fond of scraping wax off after ironing! Those nice wide bases that are so fun in fluff tend to hold a lot of wax, and it can be a big job to get it off. In an attempt to make our waxing lives easier we designed our vision of the ultimate scraper...and we got extras so you can make your life easier too! Nine-inches long to span the widest of boards, five-millimeters thick for just the right amount of bend without sacrificing stiffness. It even has a tiny notch on one corner for removing wax from the edges. We think it's a near perfect wax scraper.

  • Plexiglass
  • Notch for removing wax from edges.
  • Tognar logo.
  • Works on snowboards too!
  • Also monoskis.
  • The scraper measures 9" x 2 3/8" x 5mm (230x60x5mm).
  • Sold each

Tips and tricks:

  1. Keep your scraper sharp! A new scraper is a thing of beauty, but that keen edge wears down surprisingly fast. Get yourself a scraper sharpener and use it often. A scraper should last for years if taken care of.
  2. Some folks push and some pull. I like pushing the scraper. Done properly it is very effective. Lean the scraper forward in the direction of travel, place your thumbs at the bottom trailing edge, fingers should be on either side of the scraper, make a slight bow in the scraper if needed to get troublesome spots.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review