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Swix Universal Waxes

Swix universal ski waxes are designed to cover a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions. Offered with or without fluorocarbons.

  • Swix Universal Ski Wax 180g

    Swix Universal Glide Wax (180g)

    This is a high quality universal glide wax for skis or snowboards. If you're unsure exactly which wax to use for the day...or simply can't be bothered mucking around with finicky temperature specific waxes...use this wax and you'll be good 97.5% of the...

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  • Swix Universal COLD Wax (180g) BULK

    180 gram bar of Swix Universal wax, not retail packaged (no lid), shipped in a plastic zipper lock bag. This is a harder, more durable universal wax perfect for use in regions with colder temperatures and/or aggressive (icy) snow conditions.  If...

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