Swix T72 Digital Wax Iron 110V (T7211)

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SWX T7211

Product Overview

This is a very similar in shape and construction to the Swix T73110 iron.  The main difference is instead of using a manual thermostat, the T72 is digital and uses a microprocessor to regulate temperature, making it even more accurate than the T73. It also has a thicker base and slightly more wattage. The iron features an 12mm-thick aluminum base plate which is beveled on the sides and ramped in the back to make wax dispersion easier. The unique heating element is "printed" onto an insulated base plate, this ensures very even heating across the base and increased longevity. This element, combined with the "printed" element make this a hard iron to beat!

  • 110°C to 170°C (230°F to 338°F) operating temperatures.
  • Temperature is displayed in Celsius.
  • The beveled base plate measures 4.25" x 5.75" (145mm x 105mm).
  • Base thickness is 12mm.
  • Cord length is 6 1/2 feet. 
  • Electrical rating is 110 volts and 550 watts.
  • Back of iron includes wax melt temperature recommendations for Swix waxes.
  • For use in the USA and Canada.

A closer look at Base Profile:

If you take a close look at the base of this iron you'll notice that there are three distinctly different profiles to the base. This is one of those totally nerdy things that make this iron so cool. The front edge of the iron base is a 90°, straight angle, this is handy when you want to precisely bring hot wax right up to the kick zone or kick pattern of a pair of Nordic skis without going over. The rear edge of the base plate is ramped, this makes it easy to disperse wax without plowing into it, it is also essential for ironing in HF powders...if you're into that kind of thing. Finally, both side edges of the base are nicely beveled, this makes it easy to disperse wax and travel across fresh wax (e.g. on the second pass) without plowing it up. Pretty cool huh?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review