Swix Brass File Cleaning Brush (T0177B) .

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Product Overview

  • This is one of the nicest file cleaning brushes we have used, a simple but essential tool.
  • Smaller file cleaning brushes are quicker to use and can often be used while the file is still in the guide, if you are looking for a larger traditional file card go here.
  • A file gets dirty fast when sharpening edges. 
  • This not only reduces cutting efficiency but leads to faster wear. 
  • The fine brass bristles of this tool will removes filings and other gunk from the teeth of the file to insure longer life and efficiency.
  • The wooden handle measures six-inches long, the bristle patch measures 2" x .75" with half-inch long brass bistles.
  • Red Swix logo on the handle.
  • Use frequently!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review