Ski Binding Cant Strip

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Product Overview

  • We offer plastic cant strips for your boot/ski alignment needs.
  • Each cant strip is 2.25" (58mm) wide and 19.5" (50cm) long...sufficient for one binding plate (or toe and heelpiece).
  • Always trim and drill the cant strip to match your plate or binding patterns.
  • Make sure your binding screws are long enough to accommodate the extra cant thickness (especially on cants greater than 2 degrees).
  • If not, check at your local ski shop for longer screws. Each degree of cant creates about 1.5mm of lift.
  • Available in .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 degrees.
  • Cant strips are sold individually.

Cant Strip Thickness (low side to high side) to aid in screw length determination.

.5°   = 1.0 to 1.53mm
1°    = .60 to 1.56mm
1.5° = 1.0 to 2.31mm
2°    = 1.3 to 3.17mm
2.5° = .80 to 3.30mm
3°    = .95 to 3.80mm


(19 reviews) Write a Review

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    Cant strips

    Posted by AG on Mar 31, 2021

    The strips arrived quickly. Nice. One of them was warped slightly. Luckily I only needed them to cut up in 3" segments and use as temporary shims. But had I needed to install it under my xc bindings, it may not have worked.

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    Canting Strips

    Posted by Craig on Mar 01, 2021

    A must have for tech bindings if you've got the need. You simply can't put cant strips in your boot soles and have the boot toe and heels ground back to spec like you can in a regular ski boot. Using pin bindings you will have to cant the binding for the adjustments. These work perfectly for that purpose because that is what they are for.

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    Cant Strips

    Posted by Chris Hahn on Feb 17, 2021

    I stacked two 3-degree strips under my backcountry bindings, so my skis could be flat on the snow under my bowed legs. They work great.

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    Canting Strips

    Posted by Guillaume on Apr 01, 2020

    This truly changed my skiing life. I thought I would never find a solution to my problems but there it was. Thank you so much !

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    Ski Binding Cant Strips

    Posted by Dan Busch on Apr 09, 2019

    I am a cross country skate skier and very bowlegged (curse). For 20 years I used Alpina boots with a canted cuff (only made 2 years), until they failed. I got new Fischer boots that have some adjustment, but not enough; I thought skiing was over for me. Then I found this site, ordered and added the 3mm strips under the bindings, and that solved the problem. Installation was not difficult, and I will recommend these strips to anyone needing help.

  • 5

    Posted by noah on Apr 04, 2019

    I wasn't able to find them anywhere else online. Luckily Tognar has them and I was able to get 4 pairs. Work great. Also Scott was super helpful with fixing my order. Thanks again.

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    Cant strip

    Posted by Chris on Jan 03, 2019

    If all the ways to use/mount them I ended up putting them under my footbed. Only one that would work with my skis and boots. Still works though. The hind foot is what really matters and they are the right width there.

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    Full length (50cm) canting strips that can be cut and fitted between ski and binding for bettter alignment

    Posted by Louis on Jun 10, 2018

    With international postage they were better value than competitors offer.

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    Works As It Should

    Posted by DB Missoula on Jan 31, 2018

    I bought these canting strips to get my skis to naturally run flatter as I develop more supination from deterioration of the medial meniscus and arthritis on the medial sides of each knee. I used to canting strips for slalom ski racing and I much prefer adjusting the issues with binding cants rather than boot modifications. I've had to do a bit of both, however, to get both a flat ski and a snug, comfortable boot.