Base Repair Template- Interior

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Product Overview

When you have base damage that goes down to the core and covers some acreage you're often left with no choice but surgery. This heavy steel template enables you to accurately cut out material from the base of your ski and create an identical patch from a piece of P-Tex Material. This template is designed for repairs in the center of the base. Be sure to see the video for guidance.

  • Features two cut-outs for patching gouges closer in to the center of the ski or board.
  • Easily clamped to the ski or board to prevent movement.
  • Template measures 6" x 3" overall.
  • Eye-shaped cut-out measures 4" x 1.25" (100 x 32mm).
  • Skinny cut-out measures 4" x .75" (100 x 20mm).
  • Made of thick steel. 


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review