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Ski Visions Ski Sharp Edge Tuning Tool

  • SkiVisions Ski Sharp Edge Beveling Tool (top view)
  • SkiVisions Ski Sharp Edge Beveling Tool (base view)
  • Easily Adjust Bevel Angles in 1/4 Degree Increments
  • Tuning Stick (included with Ski Sharp)
  • Laser Cut Hard Chromed Files - pair (included with Ski Sharp)
0.63 LBS

Product Description

The SkiSharp tool includes a pair of hard chromed laser cut files, a brass cleaning brush and a tuning stick. The recommended Green and Ceramic stones are not included with the tool but are available separately.

  • This is one of our most popular edge tuning tools, because it is extremely accurate and easy to use.
  • Sharpens or polishes side and base edges simultaneously making tuning a breeze!
  • Base and side angles are independantly adjustable from 0° to 3° in 1/4° increments.
  • Simple and effective two-stone sharpening/polishing system using Green and Ceramic stones (sold seperately).
  • The Ski Sharp is very compact, great for travel tuning or leaving up at the hill or cabin.
  • The SkiSharp tool includes a pair of hard chromed laser cut files, a brass cleaning brush and a tuning stick. Optional (and recommended) stones are available separately.
  • The SkiSharp uses specifically sized file and stone inserts, descriptions of types and uses listed below.
  • For important information on using the Ski Sharp, click here.
  • Tool and stones made in the USA.



  • Use this stone first.
  • Aggressive silicone carbide sharpening stones.
  • Use them in place of files to sharpen edges without removing excessive material.
  • Great for removing work hardened metal on new ski edges.
  • Finish with the ceramic stones.
  • Sold as a pair.


  • Use this stone second.
  • Ruby ceramic polishing stones remove burrs, polish and hone edges.
  • Use after the Green Stones for perfectly finished edges.
  • Sold as a pair.


  • Replacement files for Ski Sharp.
  • Hard chromed and laser cut for long life and clean cuts.
  • Sold as a pair.

Using the Ski Sharp Tool (the basic version)

  1. Set your desired bevel angles on the tool.
  2. The tool comes with a set of files, use these to set your angles initially, or to change angles if desired, after that hide them away and use the Green and Ceramic stones to maintain your edges. Using the files too often removes more material than required and shortens the lifespan of your skis. Of course use them if the edges really need a freshening up, just don't use 'em all the time.
  3. Insert the Green Stones and address the edges, shlightly overlapping strokes work best. The Green stones are aggressive and create a sharp edge without removing alot of material.
  4. Insert the Ceramic Stones and address the edges, again using overlapping strokes (tip to tail or tail to tip, doesn't matter). The Ceramic Stones polish and hone the edges, making them faster on the snow and more durable.
  5. You're done...go ski!
Note: To maintain your edges skip step 2, remember you hid your files...right.




Product Videos

SkiVisions Edge tuning with our SkiSharp Part 1 (08:07)
Mark Sewell shows you how to tune edges with the SkiVisions Ski Sharp edge tuning tool.
  • SkiVisions Edg...
    Mark Sewell shows you how to tune edges with the SkiVisions Sk...
  • SkiVisions E...
    Mark Sewell shows you how to tune edges with the SkiVisions Sk...

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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent Tool 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2015

    This tool dramatically reduced the time it takes to tune my families skis by working both the base and edge at the same time. My daughters both race at the national level and I do all their tuning with this tool. Regarding the "flimsy" comment, there is no need to gorilla tighten the thumb screws. The support from Ski Visions and Tognar has been excellent as well.

  2. Works, but flimsy 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2015

    I've had two of these and found that they break far too easily... eventually cracks just by tightening the thumb screw. If dropped once, it shatters. It works while it lasts, but not for long. Despite other strong reviews, look elsewhere until SkiVisions uses ABS or other more resilient plastic.

  3. quick, precise, easy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Dec 2014

    The cutting tools are easy to manipulate to expose clean cutting surfaces.

  4. THE PERFECT EDGE TOOL!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Aug 2014

    If you are looking for one tool to perform all edge tuning, this is it; it performs exactly as described, and is fast and accurate and easy to use. If you get both sets of stones and the files, you will find that you don't need any of your old tools anymore, because it is faster to just use this system. Be sure to get the redressing tool, because it is needed to keep the stones in like-new condition.

  5. Awesome Tool!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2014

    My daughter has started racing, and I could see the expense of tuning her skies adding up. After researching for a Tuning kit, I stumbled across Ski Visions tools. WOW!! I can't say enough about this tool. After working on her skies for 10 minutes, even her coaches were impressed with how sharp the edges were for a race this past weekend.
    I then used it on my 10 year old skies, and it has brought the edges back to life!! And this is after having the ski shop tune them twice already. Read all the info and watch the videos as there is some Great information on tuning the skies. I bought all of the tools and stones knowing I can now do a better job tuning our skies than the ski shop!

    On a side note, several other parents saw how easy it was for me to sharpen the edges, and they were going to buy the tool also!

  6. sharpening made easy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2014

    wow. this has saved me a lot of time. it sharpens the base and edges at the same time. the system uses two files or stone rather than more like I used to do. I recommend you watch his videos. there's a lot more instruction than the text description on his website. learned a ton from this guy

  7. The best tool for a failmy that skis. Or if you don't have a couple hours of hand tuning 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2014

    This tool does a great job of keeping the edges up to new ski preformance. Plus a time saver. Also leaves little to no burr. On race day maybe a hand file. To bring them up to world cup level.

  8. Great for quick tune ups 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jan 2014

    This is a great tool for a speedy edge tune up because it does the side and edge at the same time. It seems to be accurate too. But bevel is tough to measure. This is my second purchase in 10 years because it has been dropped on cement so many times the nobs are broken off. Don't drop it!

  9. Easy and effective 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2013

    Great product and simple to use. Plenty of videos on YouTube demonstrating the use of it. Make sure you get the Green and Pink stones for regular maintenance.

  10. good product and easy to use 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2013

    Great little tool - easy to set up and the youtube videos make it ultra easy to work out how to put it to use being a first time tuner. The file insert got a sharp edge up in no time - even with a little rock damage damage on the edges - they were aggresive and only took a couple of passses. Green stones polished the edges nice and smooth. I used the flattener first to ensure a flat base to work off and set factory bevels - can't wait for season opening in a few weeks and try the skis out. AC Victoria Australia.

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