Toko XC Profile For Waxing Tables

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TOK 9890

Product Overview

This clever Nordic profile is designed to slip into the metal framework of Swix tuning tables (table not included). Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport. Be advised, this profile requires a Swix table...which we stock!

  • It fits the following Swix table numbers: T0075, T0075W, T00754, T0076, T0076-2.
  • The included clamp (SWX-T790T75) mounts to a threaded hole on the center bar of the table and is adjustable for various heights.
  • The plastic tip and tail forms fit the profile of a ski and are adjustable by sliding the aluminum frame forward and backward in the table.
  • Tip and tail profiles are identical.
  • Accepts Nordic skis from 170cm to 210cm.
  • Swix tables will accept up to two sets of these puppies (one each side) for increased productivity.
  • Sold as set (tip and tail profile and T790T clamp).

How to use:

  1. Back out the threaded accessory knobs located on the backside of the Swix table rail. There is one knob at each end.
  2. Slip the aluminum frame of one of the profile supports into the square rail of the table on one end, do the same with the second profile support on the other end.
  3. Thread the T0769T75 into the hole in the center of the rail.
  4. Place your ski on the supports and adjust distance between as needed to match profile of the ski, keep in mind the T790T75 clamp should remain inline with the boot clip on the binding toe piece.
  5. Screw in accessory knobs to secure profile supports in place (do not over tighten)
  6. Adjust height of T790T75 clamp until the ski can easily, but securely be attached.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review