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Toko Express Ski Wax

Toko Express ski and snowboard waxes are great for folks in a hurry or without the means to hot wax. Offered in liquid, paste or solid form, they're easy to apply and very effective. Offered with fluorocarbon, for racing types and without for those just looking for a great glide. These are great items to carry with you on the hill for a quick mid-day pick up.

  • Toko Express Mini 2.0 Liquid Wax

    Toko Express 2.0 Mini Liquid Wax

    This is a flammable liquid and can only ship via FedEx Ground, we cannot ship via Post or internationally. Universal liquid wax for all snow types and conditions. Quick and easy to apply. Non-fluorinated formula. Biodegradable. Works well on...

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    Toko Express 2.0 Racing Paste Wax

     Fluorinated rub-on race wax in paste form. Easy to apply on hill to increase glide. Runs well in all snow conditions and temperatures. Can be used alone or as a top coat to existing wax. Also good for coating edges and preventing rust during...

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    Now: NZ$31.71
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  • Special sponge tip

    Toko Express 2.0 Universal Paste Wax (TF90)

    Toko Express 2.0 Paste Wax is a convenient solution to waxing without an iron or while on the go. The wax has the consistency of sunscreen (and is packed in a similar tube) however there is a clever round application sponge attached to the end of the...

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