Toko Express 2.0 Universal Paste Wax (TF90)

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TOK 9258

Product Overview

Toko Express 2.0 Paste Wax is a convenient solution to waxing without an iron or while on the go. The wax has the consistency of sunscreen (and is packed in a similar tube) however there is a clever round application sponge attached to the end of the tube. Simply squeeze the tube and expel a line of wax onto the base then use the sponge tip to spread the wax. Once dry buff with a felt pad or a piece of a well-worn t-shirt. Or, if you're in a hurry, skip the buffing and go ski!

TIP: The black cap pulls straight off the end of the tube to reveal circular sponge, no need to twist.

  • Non-fluorinated (PFC free).
  • Easy to apply
  • Works in all temperatures.
  • 75ml (2.5fl oz)

To Apply:

  1. Spread onto base in circular motion with attached sponge and allow to dry.
  2. For greater durability polish with the felt side of a Toko Thermo Cork.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review