Tognar Rectangular Stainless Steel Base Refreshing Brush

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APG 716X

Product Overview

  • This stainless steel brush is specifically designed with medium stiff bristles to be used periodically to clean and open up base structures. 
  • More aggressive than a brass brush, many world cup techs prefer to stonegrind and structure bases only once at the beginning of each season, and maintain them using this type of brush.
  • 3" x 5"


(8 reviews) Write a Review

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    Steel Base Brush

    Posted by Rob on May 31, 2019

    Works well. More aggressive than brass brush so go lightly.

  • 5
    Steel base brush

    Posted by Tim on Mar 06, 2019

    Does exactly what the other reviewers have said. Wish I'd had one years ago.

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    Great Tool, Use Carefully

    Posted by Denny Valdez on Mar 31, 2016

    I use this tool when a P-Tex surface interaction has occurred or after a gouge fill-in. It is aggressive however it does restore the structure in the 'hurt' area. Use it with light pressure, follow with a brass brush; it gets the job done.

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    One Minute Structure

    Posted by Stevie on Jan 11, 2016

    Very stiff brush with sharp bristles, cuts easily. Great for local restructuring after repairing gouges or a one or two pass touch up on bases that are in good shape. Will definitely open bases and create a deep structure if needed.

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    Great Cleaning and Base Structure Tool

    Posted by Martiin on Nov 06, 2015

    The headline says it all.

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    Serious tuners need this brush

    Posted by Mike on Jan 28, 2015

    While you may have been getting away with simply hot scraping or (shudder) base cleaner to clean you bases prior to waxing, you might not be getting all of the old wax and debris out of the base. Enter the super stiff steel base refreshing brush; a brush that you never knew you needed and now you wouldn't dream of waxing without it.

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    excellent refresh brush

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 02, 2014

    Took my very worn bought rentals to a like new base after about 30 minutes of work. Cleaned up all of the oxidized base material and even imparted a mild base structure.

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    Excellentn brush

    Posted by Dennis O'Leary on Jul 24, 2014

    This brush seems to have the ideal configuration to quickly refresh oxidised areas and bring the structure back up to scratch