Swix T48P Nordic Structure Tool Kit (T048P)

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Product Overview

This top-notch Nordic structure tool is as lovely to look at as it is to use. Crafted entirely out of aluminum and steel it falls in the heritage tool category, you'll have this puppy for a long time! The kit includes the tool body and four rollers (listed below) all contained in a compact travel case.

  • Includes the following rollers:
  • CP10R - Right Cross Thread 1.0mm
  • CP15L - Left Cross Thread 1.5mm
  • L100SP - Linear 1.0mm pitch x .5mm depth
  • 00-P - Smooth Blank
  • Made in the USA by Finite Ski Tools for Swix.
  • Will not work on Alpine Skis, Nordic only.

Hand Structuring

Most of us don't have the luxury of owning multiple pairs of skis with multiple structure patterns ready to be paired exactly to the current conditions. Stone grinding, while long lasting and more or less permanent (until the next grind), is quite costly and so is not always the best option for frequent structure changes. More suitable is a hand structuring tool. The "roller" style tools we offer are a good choice for adjusting structure to conditions, the structure is easily applied and non-permanent..most structures will disappear the next time you hot wax. For best results apply the structure of the day to the ski base after you wax, scrape and brush the ski.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review