Swix Pro Polar Wax (180G)

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Product Overview

Swix PS Polar Powder is a super hard wax for extremely cold conditions and aggressive snow surface. Can be used alone as a race wax in very cold, low humidity conditions. Runs well on manmade snow too. Replaces Swix CH4X.

  • -14ºC to -32ºC (7ºF to -26ºF).
  • Made for the nastiest conditions!
  • Especially useful on man-made snow or glacier skiing, summer training.
  • Fluoro-free.
  • Recommended iron temp: 155°C (311°F).
  • 180g/6.3oz bar

How to apply Polar:

  1. Iron should travel across length of the ski in about 8-10 seconds.*
  2. The wax can be reheated after cooling and prior to scraping for even greater durability.
  3. Scrape after 1 minute of cooling.
  4. Apply Swix Polar Powder on top for even greater abrasion resistance.

*Some folks find using a culinary micro planer (used for zesting citrus) to effectively grate the wax onto the base helps it melt more evenly and become easier to work with.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review