Swix Pro Performance Speed Wax PS5 (60g)

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Product Overview

Swix Performance Speed waxes are a great choice for skiers and boarders who aren't racing but are looking for temperature specific waxes with excellent glide properties and durability. PS5 is the hardest wax in the HS lineup making it an excellent choice for cold, aggressive snow conditions that might easily strip a less durable wax out of the base. Despite its hardness HS5 has a relatively low melt point making it much easier to apply compared to similar waxes.

  • -10ºC to -18ºC (14ºF to 0ºF) air temp.
  • Replaces Swix CH5X.
  • Fluoro-free.
  • The hardest, most durable wax in the HS line.
  • Great durability and dry friction properties.
  • Use on fresh, old or manmade snow.
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 150ºC (311°F).
  • 60g/2.1oz




(No reviews yet) Write a Review