Swix Nordic Ski Straps PAIR

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SWX R402

Product Overview

  • Slide these foam-padded ties over Nordic skate ski tips and tails. 
  • Fit skis up to 45mm wide (measure both tips and tails).
  • Great for skate or classic race skis.
  • Will not fit skis with fish scales.
  • They securely hold skis together, but keep bases from scratching each other. 
  • Red with white Swix logo.
  • Sold as a pair


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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    Snug and Secure

    Posted by BW on Apr 01, 2015

    We thought these were pretty good but we were wrong they are pretty GREAT! We bought just one pair and now we can't possibly make any of our ski stable slow down. They all rocket home to be first. To wear these handsome straps to bed.

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    It's All Good! (Mostly)

    Posted by Bill on Feb 28, 2015

    A previous reviewer found it impossible to affix these "straps" to ski tips. From the "Let's See The Good in Everything Department," these are really not "straps" at all but excellent "cuffs" which do work well providing they are slid onto the skis in the proper order this being tips first and then the tails. One must insert one tip entirely through a cuff and then the other ski tip following it now with the ski tails wildly akimbo thus orienting tip number two so that it is parallel to the body of ski number one and then in sliding ski number two forward its tail is lowered to meet tail number one whereupon with the skis mated in customary base to base fashion the second "cuff" may finally be easily slid over both tails simultaneously.
    Simple right?
    But if you slide on that tail cuff first, well, there is no way to orient the tips to accept the other cuff. Something of a Norwegian Spatial-Temporal engineering puzzle, huh?
    A word of caution regarding "tail span." Better watch out for parking lot neighbor car paint and your kids' eyes as you crazily splay those ski tails to cuff the tips while in your day's end post 45K fatigue narcosis. The cuffs are really shine fro long term storage or moving day. I bring along straps for those days when I'm feeling less than Norwegian.

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    Nordic strap

    Posted by on Dec 18, 2013

    This is the worst item I have ever purchased from you. It can only be used on the tail part of the set of skis. You still need a strap to bundle the tips. In other words, you still need an additional item to efficiently bundle or transport the equipment. Too expensive to return, costs more than the item is worth.