Swix Cera Nova LF4X Low Fluoro Wax (180G)

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Product Overview

  • -12ºC to -32ºC (10ºF to -25ºF). 
  • A new cold wax for dry friction conditions with low air humidity.
  • Excellent glide on artificial snow, with great durability.
  • On the warmer end of its range, in higher humidity, it can be used with Cera F as a top layer.
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC (311°F).
  • 180 gram bar. 

A Bit About Swix LFX Waxes:

These are fluorinated hydrocarbon waxes having a lower percentage of low-melt point fluoro additive than HFX waxes.

They are used alone as training waxes, or as racing waxes with Cera F as a final layer when conditions are at the warmer end with higher humidity, or alone as a race wax at very low temperatures and low humidity.

The temperature ranges and wax colors of the LFX waxes coincide with the HFX category. LFX waxes can be distinguished from HFX waxes due to their lighter, muted, hue.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review