Swix Cera Nova CH4X Hydrocarbon Wax (180G) BULK

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Product Overview

180 gram bar of Swix CH wax, not retail packaged (no lid), shipped in a plastic zipper lock bag.

  • -12°C to -32°C (10°F to -25°F).
  • A new cold hydrocarbon wax for extreme cold conditions.
  • A very durable wax, and an excellent choice for man-made snow.
  • Runs well alone as a cold condition, low humidity race wax.
  • It is much easier to scrape this wax while still warm. 
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC (311°F).
  • Fluoro free.
  • 180 gram bar.

A bit about Swix CHX Waxes:

CHX stands for Hydrocarbon. This category has no fluorocarbon material in the blends. They are 100% high performance hydrocarbon paraffins. Athough they can be looked upon as an economical racing wax group, the colder waxes perform very well alone, the warmer waxes make an acceptable base layer for Cera F.

Their colors and temperature ranges coincide with the HFX and LFX waxes. The CHX waxes can be distinguished from the LFX and HFX waxes by their darker (richer) color hue.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review