SkiMD Pro-Glide Waxing System

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Product Overview

This unique hand tool allows you to safely and effectively wax without using a hot wax iron. Simply rub a thin layer of your favorite wax on the ski or snowboard base like a crayon, then use the aluminum tube with its high-friction replaceable fabric cover, and rub the base with pressure to create heat. The concentrated pressure, created by the tool's cylindrical shape, drives the wax into the base much more effectively than a natural cork. No scraping, no mess, so you can wax anywhere! Be sure to check out the video (under the product video tab). We love, love, love this tool!

  • Use it to replace a waxing iron entirely or as a touch-up between hot waxes. 
  • Unlike a cork that tends to melt wax onto the surface, this tool creates greater heat and pressure, using "Line Contact" technology, to drive wax deep into base pores for greater durability and performance. 
  • Package includes the aluminum tube, two fabric covers, printed instructions and a brake retainer band.
  • Packed in a reusable plastic tube that protects the tool during storage and travel.
  • Tube measures 4" x 1.5" (100mm x 40mm).
  • Replacement fabrics available.
  • Great for backcountry hut trips, travel, etc.
  • Made in the USA.

Instructions for use:

Using the wax of your choice, rub the bar, not too light and not too heavy, applying an even coating of wax from tip to tail. Take the Pro-Glide in your dominant hand then place your other hand on top. Rub the Pro-Glide back and forth with maximum force along the base for 1-2 minutes. SkiMD highly recommends applying a minimum of 3 coats of wax every day before skiing. Recreational skiers do not need to brush, just hit the slopes!

Racers follow this same process for training. Do not brush out the bases until race day!! This will ensure maximum protection to the structure and base material over the length of the season!

For race days, when finished applying your race wax, use a stiff nylon brush back and forth aggressively to clear wax from the structure, but not out of the base material. Finish with a soft nylon or horsehair brush, then buff with a soft hand towel. Apply overlays after the waxing sequence with the spare cloth. Brush out with a soft finish brush, then buff. If bases become dirty SkiMD recommends utilizing liquid wax instead of wax remover. Solvent based universal waxes when not allowed to dry being wiped immediately, make a great cleaner without stripping the base.

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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Dan Doyle on Jan 03, 2021

    Bought the SKIMD PRO-GLIDE to upgrade my RAY’S WAY (PVC) tool that I’ve been using for several years now on Mike’s recommendation. I still hot wax every couple of weeks, after a stone grind, or new skis. Depending on the snow conditions, I use the PRO-GLIDE either every day or every second day of skiing. I ski 70-75 days. Besides sweeping up piles of scraped off wax, the main advantage is how fast it is not having to wait for the wax to cool. With the ski already in the vise, I use the time saved to stone the side edge every time I wax. With the PRO-GLIDE, I always have a sharp, waxed ski.

  • 5

    Posted by John Dundas on Nov 17, 2020

    Outstanding, brilliant. I can't speak for waxing skis for racing, but for recreational skiers this is the way to go. Compared to hot waxing, this is faster, safer, much less messy, makes skis silky fast (depending on the waxes you use). Silky fast is good. Warm up your wax cake for today's temperature on an inverted iron to 100-150F (get a Coverite "pocket thermometer" for your iron), crayon wax onto ski base, rub in with Ski MD, buff, and SKI! I have used this tool for years, I have no commercial interest in it, I just love it.

  • 5

    Posted by blake lewis on Oct 28, 2019

    great addition to wax-kit quiver

  • 5

    Posted by Jérôme Lemieux on Feb 16, 2019

    It works! Easy, convenient, safe...