OneBall Summer Slush Wax (165g)

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Product Overview

As the name implies, Summer Slush is designed specifically for late season snow conditions. Graphite is added to help resist dirt, pollen and other contaminants present in old snow from sticking to your base and causing drag. Silicone is added to improve hydrophobic qualities which helps you glide better in wet, sloppy snow. If you're tired of the stop-and-go common to spring riding, try this wax.

  • Works best if ironed on.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 165g

Spring Skiing Tips

We have yet to find a "Magic Bullet" wax that completely conquers late-season snow conditions. But there are definitely ways to make it far more enjoyable than the stop-and-go ride that many skiers associate with spring skiing.

  1. If you are serious about skiing as late as you can, you might consider having a more aggressive base structure put on your skis or board. The deeper grooves (and sometimes different pattern) will significantly improve glide by breaking the suction caused by increased water. Just remember you'll need to have the skis structured for winter conditions in the fall.
  2. Use a wax that contains graphite or molybdenum, these additives help repel the dirt and pollen often found in the late-season snow pack. The contaminants tend to stick to the bases and cause drag.
  3. Use a fluorocarbon wax. Fluorocarbons increase the hydrophobic qualities of a wax which repels water far better than a standard hydrocarbon wax. Silicone is another additive that is used in some waxes (like OneBall Summer Slush), it too repels water and is a viable alternative to fluorocarbons for recreational skiers.
  4. Keep your bases clean! In the spring it is essential to clean your bases frequently, maybe after every day if the snow is really dirty. Use a citrus based base cleaner rather than the "hot-scrape" method in the spring. Wipe the bases until the cloth comes up clean, do a few passes tip to tail with a brass brush, wipe again, allow the bases to dry then re-wax.
  5. Choose your time and slope aspect wisely. If you ski in the late afternoon on a south facing slope you will probably suffer, the snow will be manky and unpredictable and sometimes downright dangerous. Ski early if you can, most slopes have a golden hour (or two) when they are prime to ski, learn your local area, keep an eye on the sun. Move to the north facing slopes as the day progresses. Keep your goals flexible and adjust as needed throughout the day. If you're an antipodean you'll probably need to adjust some directions!


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    Smells like scented candles (!?)

    Posted by Jan on Apr 17, 2016

    On the endless quest to find a spring wax that lasts more than a couple of runs and doesn't stick on a tree pollen covered slope, I tried this. My other contender at this point is the dominator green universal. While the dominator outlasted this by a little, the dominator also did stick just a bit more and sooner. Both outlasted yellow swix by quite a bit. All this is making me wonder about the green dominator with graphite (which is a also just a bit cheaper than this stuff). However I'm keeping some on-hand until I find something better in the recreational (aka budget) spring category. Torn between three and four stars to be honest. The shootout was conducted by three professional scientists that were totally unbiased, though perhaps slightly drunk.