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Oneball F-1 Series Snowboard and Ski Wax

The Oneball F-1 Series is a small sub-line of universal waxes. Standard F-1 for all-around mid-winter riding and Black Magic Slush for surfing Spring slop. Black Magic Graphite is a wax you can add to any wax to improve performance on man-made or dirty snow, graphite helps keep dirt and pollen from sticking to your bases.

  • OneBall F-1 Universal Wax 130g

    One Ball Jay F-1 wax is a high-quality, broad-range universal wax. Durable and plenty fast. This is a good choice when you are unsure of conditions and want all your bases covered. Packaging is minimized to reduce cost and environmental impact. Bar...

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  • One Ball Slush Wax One Ball Slush Wax back view

    OneBall Summer Slush Wax (150g)

    As the name implies, Summer Slush is designed specifically for late season snow conditions. Graphite is added to help resist dirt, pollen and other contaminants present in old snow from sticking to your base and causing drag. Silicone is added to improve...

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  • OneBall Graphite Plus Additive (65g)

    OneBall Graphite Plus Additive (65g)

    This is a hydrocarbon wax with a micronized graphite additive. It can be used alone (as a universal wax) or mixed with your glide wax. To mix simply rub the graphite wax on your base like a crayon, coating it evenly, then drip your wax of the day over...

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