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Base Edge Tuning

  • Base Beast Bevel Guide .5 Degree Base Beast Bevel Guide 2 Degree

    Beast Base Bevel Guides .

    The economical Beast guides feature a composite body with a stainless steel bridge, and are ideal for most home tuners. These precise base bevel guides are used in conjunction with your favorite steel files, diamond stones or ceramic stones. They...

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  • SkiVisions Ski Sharp Edge Beveling Tool (top view) SkiVisions Ski Sharp Edge Beveling Tool (base view)

    Ski Visions Ski Sharp Edge Tuning Tool

    The SkiSharp tool includes a pair of hard chromed laser cut files, a brass cleaning brush and a tuning stick. The recommended Green and Ceramic stones are not included with the tool but are available separately. This is one of our most popular...

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  • Final Cut Guide not included!

    Replacement Feet for SVST Final Cut Guides

    While your SVST Final Cut guide may last a lifetime, the little Delrin feet, which spend all their time sliding along sharp steel edges, will not. Fortunately they are easily replaceable! A 2mm hex key is required. Sold each    

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