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Toko Universal Ski Wax

Toko universal ski and snowboard waxes help take the guesswork out of waxing. Wide temperature ranges ensure you get a great glide. Offered in standard, warm and cold formulas. Bulk quantities are a great choice for large families, ski teams or a houseful of ski bums.

  • 1.25kg (5 x 250g bars) 2.5kg (10 x 250g bars)

    Toko Bulk Universal Wax

    Toko's bulk universal wax is a workhorse wax that provides good glide in all snow conditions and temperatures. It's an ideal choice in changeable conditions, as well as for coaches, patrollers and instructors who work in a variety snow conditions...

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  • Toko LF Universal - 1.25kg Toko LF Universal - 2.5kg

    Toko Lo-Fluoro Universal Wax (BULK)

    All temperature Lo-Fluoro wax. Perfect for training or freeskiing when you want more zip than a standard hydrocarbon wax. Cost effective option for clubs, teams, or big families who like to go fast! Sold in 1.25kg (2.75lb) and 2.5kg (5.5lb). 1.25kg...

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  • Toko NF All-in-one Hot Wax - 120g

    Toko NF Universal Hot Wax .

    Extremely high quality universal ski and snowboard wax. Designed for all snow conditions and temperatures. Prevents bases from drying out. Protects against dirt and abrasion. Biodegradable. No fluorine. Resealable wax case. 120g A bit about...

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