Toko Edge Tuner World Cup 110V

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TOK 9809

Product Overview

This is Toko's version of the popular Swix Evo Pro Edger, for those discerning tuners who prefer yellow to red tools. Other than color the tools are identical. If you're looking to put the ultimate edge on a pair of skis this tool will do it, quickly and with very little effort. It uses a circular diamond disc to accurately sharpen and hone edges. Adjustable in one-degree increments from 90° to 85°. The diamond disc mount is backed by a steel spring which ensures consistent pressure regardless of stone wear or overzealous use. The disc rotates in the direction of the sidewall of the ski (instead of toward the base) eliminating the possibility of creating a hanging burr.

The tool ships with a Fine Diamond Disc; additional Coarse, Medium and Extra-Fine discs are also available. Be sure to check out the "product videos" tab (above) for a short demonstration video and a very important video on cleaning and maintenance!

The tool can be used on any voltage from 100 to 240V. You can use it in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, UK...virtually anywhere! The tool ships with a standard 2-prong North America plug, all you need is a plug adapter and you're tuning. You can find plug adapters at travel stores, electronic shops or right here on our website.

  • Angles adjustable from 90° to 85° in one-degree increments.
  • Ships with Fine diamond disc installed.
  • Medium and Coarse discs available separately as well as replacement Fine discs.
  • Disc mount is backed by a sturdy spring to ensure just the right amount of pressure is applied.
  • Plugs directly into the wall, no battery to charge.
  • For side edges only
  • 100-240 volt


We've had some time to play around with the EVO here at Tognar and we have to say we're pretty impressed! It's intuitive to use, efficient and leaves a consistent finish on the edge. If you have a bundle of skis to maintain nightly, or just like to easily maintain a sharp edge, this tool will make your life easier. Here are some tips we can pass on.

  1. Do a couple practice runs on a pair of test skis, the tool is easy to use but it takes a couple passes to really get the hang of it. The good news is that it is difficult to do lasting damage with the Fine stone, so if you stall out a bit don't fret...a pass of two will make things right!
  2. Be sure to use the tool ONLY in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  3. Use a 200 grit Diamond stone to remove any burrs from the edge first, this will save wear and tear on your Diamond Disc. 
  4. Make sure the stainless plate sits flush against the base of the ski to ensure a precise angle.
  5. The weight of the tool is all the pressure that is needed on the edge to do the job, no need to press down with additional force.
  6. Move at a consistent pace across the edge, a slower pace imparts a tighter, arguably smoother finish than a more rapid pace. Play around with your pace until you arrive at a finish you like.
  7. Most folks will probably be fine with just a Fine stone for daily maintenance.
  8. A mask (like the 3M 8511) and safety glasses are highly recommended, the EVO produces a fine metal dust when grinding that mainly stays on and around the machine, but better to be safe, especially if tuning multiple skis.

Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review