Swix World Cup Racing Pro Files

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Product Overview

These single-sided, tang-less files are some of the sharpest and flatest we've come across. They are simply a joy to tune with! The 13t is a great choice for setting angles on new skis, or reestablishing the angle on worn edges, unlike a panzer this file cuts very cleanly which means less clean up filing. The 17t is perfect for maintaining edge sharpness, or as a second file to the 13t. If you commonly ski on firm snow you will love the 17t file!

  • For side edges only, will not work on base edges.
  • They can last up to 10 times as long as regular files!
  • Length is 100mm.
  • Available in 13tpi or 17tpi.
  • TPI=Teeth per inch.
  • 13tpi is considered medium (will take material away much quicker than the 17tpi).
  • 17tpi is considered fine (leaves a finer finish than the 13tpi).
  • Sold each

Tool Tips:

  1. Run a 100grit diamond stone down the edge first to remove any burrs, this will further increase the life of the file.
  2. Use overlapping strokes on the first couple passes with the 13t, then finish full length.
  3. Soft full length strokes along the edge with the 17t.
  4. Don't pressure the file, let it do the cutting with little more than its own weight and the weight of your hand.
  5. Use caution around the contact points of the tips and tails, these files are so sharp they tend to stutter around tight radii, go slow and light in these areas!
  6. Brush with a nylon or brass brush before tucking them safely away in their cases.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review