Skigee Goggle Wiper Assorted Colors (Sold Each)

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SAA 63510

Product Overview

The Skigee is a small rubber wiper used to remove snow or rain from the surface of goggle lenses. The soft rubber won't scratch goggles*. This is simply one of those essential tools. Sold each, sorry no color choices.

  • They can be worn on the thumb but we find it better to attach it to your jacket (a chest pocket zipper pull is a good attachment point) with a bit of cord then stashed in a pocket for safe keeping.
  • Skigees are available in assorted colors (Red, Black, Green, Grey, Teal, Blue or Purple).
  • Sorry, we are unable to accommodate specific color requests, but if you really can't stand a color let us know.
  • Sold each (ie. QTY 1 = 1 Skigee).

*Apparently some goggles have a super fancy coating that can't be touched, much less wiped...if the instructions caution against touching the lens then don't use a Skigee on them!


(15 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    The best wiper ever!

    Posted by Northstar Randy on Apr 02, 2014

    I don't know how anyone that skis in the west could do without a Skigee! I have one in the inside pocket of every one of my ski jackets. When the conditions are rain at the bottom the mountain and wet snow at the top, the skiing is usually pretty good and the lines are non-existent. I like these conditions and depend on my Skigee to keep my goggles clear. "Pole-plant, pole plant, goggle wipe" is how you do it. I even have one mounted on the ski pole handle facing up so it is easy to wipe! Get a dozen and use for gifts for your lame ski friends that can't figure out why you like to ski in the rain.

  • 5
    necessary tool

    Posted by Joachim on Dec 14, 2013

    In 1996, I've bought it, at a winter holiday in Canada. When I was back in Germany, I've never get it here. I was so happy to find it and have a christmas gift for our fiends. Many thanks in advance.

  • 5
    you have to have it!!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 07, 2013

    My ski instructor had his and bought from this store(cheapest online). It's awesome! It wipes perfect. You need it when you ski in snow or rain.

  • 5
    Can't ski without

    Posted by Stanley Mandel on Jan 04, 2013

    Makes skiing and seeing clearly the one and only choice. I bought 10 to give out to my friends.

  • 5
    You need this in bad weather

    Posted by Ric Steinberger on Nov 28, 2012

    This is a lightweight rubberized tool that can clear the snow and water off your googles... So you can see where you're going. I keep mine on a necklace, but it's designed to be placed on a gloved finger. This tool works so much better than just wiping your googles with your glove.

  • 5
    My last one lasted for 4 years!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 21, 2011

    They work great for snow gun ice and wet snow/rain that ices on contact with the goggles, and they don’t scratch the goggles.